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The Free Workers' Union (Freie ArbeiterInnen-Union, FAU)


The Free Workers' Union is an anarchist union. Our aim is a free and
classless society based on workers' self-management. The fundamental idea
of anarchist unionism or "anarcho-syndicalism" is self-determination in all
areas of life. We reject reformist unions, political parties, churches and
other centralist organisations because they inevitably centralise power and
reinforce hierarchy. Politicians and officials cannot achieve our goals for

We are ordinary workers (including out-of-workers, students and
pensioners). We organise in independent union branches, at industry level,
and in autonomous local groups. We come together nationally in the FAU, and are affiliated to the International Workers' Association (IWA).

Our activities are based on direct action, e.g. occupations, strikes and
boycotts.  We reject all forms of parliamentarianism. The way we organise
helps us overcome isolation and generate a vision of a free society. This
empowers us to confront problems and fight for revolutionary changes in a
culture of freedom.

The power of the capitalist system is founded on private and state control
over the means of production and the daily exploitation of the working
class. The economic field should therefore be the focal point of
anti-capitalist struggle.

Revolutionary activity in the workplace is not just a superficial affront
to capitalism - it strikes a blow against its very root. But this can only
be successful if revolutionary activity is conducted simultaneously in all
areas of society, since all these struggles are interrelated.

We welcome everyone who agrees with our aims and principles.